Soch Group


A SOCH that fulfills and champions the
dreams of budding entrepreneurs and turns
them into successful realities.

We at SOCH wish to build a sustainable
ecosystem for and around Indian start-ups.
To achieve this, we collaborate with potential
entrepreneurs to ideate, incubate,
and make their dreams come true.


Munchilicious Granola receives its FSCC certification. SOCH Group launches two new unique ventures, ‘This or That’ and ‘Beyond Ideas’, to create a sustainable ecosystem for and around Indian start-ups. SOCH Group moves to a plush new corporate office in Mumbai.



Munchilicious is a healthy breakfast and mid-meal snacking brand that’s aimed at driving a healthy change in the eating habits of Indian consumers, without compromising on the one thing Indians love when it comes to food...taste.
This Or That
This Or That is the world`s first ever phygital retail platform that handpicks interesting, unique, and innovative startup brands from across India. This or That's unique services and offerings from the very best start-ups across the country are set to take the world of shopping by storm, and make the latest and most exciting products more accessible than ever before.
The Rooted Co
The Rooted Co offers carefully curated breakfast options made with exotic ingredients that are not just sources of essential vitamins, minerals, protein, and dietary fibre but are also very flavoursome.
Not So Pink
Along came Not So Pink, a fashionable workwear brand made exclusively for the bold & confident Indian working woman. Why ‘Not So Pink’? You might ask. Pink has long been stereotyped as the go-to colour for all things feminine. Be it the colour of her bedroom walls or the next dress she’s looking to buy. Society associates this colour with just about anything and everything in her life, including her personality, often described as "girlish", "soft", "overly emotional", and "lacking real ambition". However, she's anything but defined by this colour. Her personality is far beyond preconceived notions and age-old stereotypes. As a matter of fact, with all her achievements, goals, and aspirations, she’s anything but the colour pink!


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