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Begins With A SOCH

We live in a country of a billion minds and within these minds there are billions of ideas and dreams brewing. At SOCH Group, we wish to infuse life into as many of these dreams as we can. Through our nexus of businesses, we aim to establish a healthy and sustainable ecosystem around Indian start-ups, walk alongside them right from the point of conception and help them scale their business efficiently and sustainably.

Founded In 2015, SOCH Group is the brainchild of Rohit Mohan Pugalia and his wife, Purvi Pugalia. It began with a creation that came from the same place most great creations do, a necessity. In a bid to get her husband, Rohit to start snacking on healthy food, Purvi decided to apply a creative solution. She started baking healthy and delicious granola snacks for his tiffin, which not only won over his heart and stomach but also fueled his dream. Soon after, he decided to quit his job and pursue his dream of entrepreneurship by manufacturing the wonderful granola snacks. This laid the foundation for SOCH Group and its first brand, Munchilicious.

Since then, Rohit and Purvi have relentlessly channelised their hard work and passion to launch many more businesses and continually pushed them to new heights. In the process, they've managed to touch several lives, championed new dreams and fueled new ideas that promise a better tomorrow.


Our vision is to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem around Indian start-ups.

Our Mission is to champion entrepreneurial dreams by bridging the gap between ideas and execution for start-ups, and helping them find their audience and grow.

Soch Group Vision & Mission


Rohit Mohan Pugalia

Armed with naught but an MBA in Finance, Rohit Mohan Pugalia began his career as an intern at a Broker’s exchange. Soon after, he joined a stockbroking firm in Kolkata as an executive where he was promoted to a managerial level position within just 7 days of joining. His problem-solving skills and his ability to learn quickly won him a place on the strategic team and soon he progressed to heading their entire KYC department.

He later joined CESC Ltd. However, he was soon bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, an idea that changed the course of his life. Within the next 3 months, he resigned from his job and moved back to his hometown Mumbai with his wife, to follow the dream that is today, SOCH Group.

Rohit now wears several hats as he not only grows his own dreams but also helps others like him realise theirs, through his many ventures like Munchilicious Granola, Beyond Ideas, VASTRA, and now, This Or That. Rohit believes that a country like India can grow only when all the little gears that churn within it grow, and that’s exactly what he’s set out to achieve.

Soch Group Founder - Rohit Pugalia
Purvi Rohit Pugalia

Purvi Rohit Pugalia, Co-founder of SOCH Group, is the mastermind and master chef of the fan-favourite Munchilicious Granola recipes. Being a graphologist and a literature graduate, she has always been a creative soul with a knack for experimenting with recipes. But little did she know that her passion for unique recipes would also turn out to be her magic ingredient for success.

What started as an attempt to get her husband to eat healthier snacks sparked a business idea that is today, Munchilicious Granola; a brand specialising in healthy granola snacks. Purvi curated her 3 favourite Granola recipes to start with. She’s gone on to add two more, which are now widely loved and appreciated.

While Rohit is the brain behind Munchilicious and SOCH Group, Purvi is the beating heart of it. Apart from being the chief curator of recipes for Munchilicious, Purvi has also played a pivotal role in other SOCH Group ventures, including one very close to her heart; VASTRA, a charitable trust for the underprivileged.

Soch Group Co-founder - Purvi Pugalia


Rajesh Bhosale

General Manager - Sales

Hemal Shah

General Manager - Retail

Abhishek Rade

Sr. Executive - Accounts



Entrepreneurship is at the core of everything that we do. It is our strongest desire to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.


We believe in maintaining absolute transparency and honesty with our consumers and stakeholders.


Our biggest assets are the people that work with us. We operate as a huge family and nurture individual growth through the exchange of knowledge, ideas and opportunities.


We believe in being the very best at what we do, and strive to push the boundaries of quality and excellence every day by learning from and adapting to the ever-changing market scenarios.