SOCH Group’s aim is not just to create successful businesses but also to make a difference in society because only that can plant the seeds for a better tomorrow. This philosophy is etched into the SOCH Group’s value system since its inception. The founder couple, Rohit and Purvi Pugalia have always believed in giving back to the society that has helped them fulfill their dreams. This led to the creation of their charitable trust named VASTRA. The trust provides food and clothing to the underprivileged, and has even helped the Government in developing infrastructure and amenities.

Impact Of Vastra
Impact Of Vastra


Infrastructure Development

VASTRA is assisting the government in developing infrastructure and amenities like providing better access to education and healthy working conditions. So far, the trust has renovated over six schools in the district of Lonavala. It has also established a fully functional day-care facility with caricatures, where househelps can leave their kids when they are at work.

Mission Education

VASTRA is a foundation that was established with an aim to share the joy of living a happy life with those who are underprivileged. Our founders Rohit and Purvi Pugalia believe that right education is the first step towards a better future. Education is the factor that can drive positive change in our society. With this belief, VASTRA strives to help and provide education to all.

Medical Assistance

"Good health and good sense are two great blessings." - Latin proverb

India is a developing country and has made rapid improvements in the healthcare sector. However, there’s always room for further development. To aid our country’s developing healthcare facilities, VASTRA is working towards providing medical assistance to people who are in dire need of it.


Animal Welfare

The motto of VASTRA is to be kind to every kind, not just mankind. The founder couple Rohit and Purvi Pugalia, loves animals and have made sure to help and take care of them in any way they can even before the incorporation of VASTRA.