The World Is Changing — And The Youth Leads This Change

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The defining skill of this century is the ability to lead change and effectively solve problems. In recent years, the new entrepreneurs have taught us different ways of working through uncertainty and positively transforming the world. Given the current situation of the world, change is inevitable. This change makes it necessary for us to adapt to it. Read on for an insight into the changes we are witnessing and changes that we may expect in the near future.

 There Is No Age Limit For Learning

When you were young, you were often encouraged to explore new things and dream about your future. This encouragement made you experiment with various new things, and you learned a lot. But this curiosity and excitement to learn something new fizzled out as you grew up.

 The process of learning especially gets slower when you start working because then your priorities and responsibilities tend to change. You get more involved in the process of earning a living. But even after all this, it is never too late to learn something new. It is never late to rediscover your curiosity. If you are willing to make a change, your age cannot stop you. 

 Employment & Education Need An Overhaul

 Almost 40% of the total world population is constituted by people under 25 years of age. This generation is considered to be ambitious, talented, and purpose-driven. But they face two major challenges — education and employment. The education system that is currently being followed is made for a world that is no longer in existence; it doesn't help the current generation. Education in today's world is heavily dependent on the internet and technology; as a result, many people get left behind. 

 Talking about employment, there is no such thing as a secure job today. Moreover, the concept of having a career and a job has almost become a concept of the past. It has become more like a bunch of projects rather than a fulfilling and rewarding job. Therefore, an overhaul is necessary for the current system for the future of employment.


Change is inevitable and is a vital part of human existence. Change, in fact, has become a necessity in the context of leadership. Even after the availability of various resources, the current situations have.  We at Soch Group have Rohit and Purvi as young entrepreneurs. Rohit and Purvi have relentlessly channelised their hard work and passion to launch many more businesses and continually pushed them to new heights. In the process, they've managed to touch several lives, championed new dreams and fueled new ideas that promise a better tomorrow.

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